Level 1: Python Fundamentals

Python is currently the most versatile programming language for working with data. In addition, it is the most versatile language with which you can build solutions such as web applications, machine learning models and chatbots. It is a language that was designed in the 90s and has been continuously developed since then. In these years many predefined applications have been created in the form of 'libraries'. You can use these applications immediately without having to reinvent it yourself.

Do you want to develop in the field of data analytics or as a web developer? Then knowledge of Python is a real must-have! A small selection of the topics you could perform with Python:

  • Webscraping
  • Automate actions (robotisation)
  • Data analytics
  • Machine Learning and Deep Learning 
  • Provisioning API's
  • Financial calculations
  • Web development and applications

In short, this language is indispensable in your backpack and ensures that you are employable in many areas. In this two-day training Python Fundamentals we will teach you how this language is structured and how you can use it. You learn all kinds of practical applications so that you can immediately use Python in your own working environment.

The registration fee is € 1,075 per person (excluding 21% VAT). The registration fee includes course material, lunch and coffee/tea and you will receive a certificate at the end of the course.



  • Installation software: there are several tools that help you write this language efficiently. We walk you through them step by step.

  • Setting up a Python project: when the tools are ready, you can set up a project. Within this project you will set up and test your code.

  • Basic syntax, data types and structures: of course we start with the basics. You learn to write the syntax, work with different data types and structure your code.

  • Useful functions from the Python standard library: the good news about the Python language is that so much has already been worked out. You don't have to reinvent the wheel!

  • Conditional statements and loops: you learn to build constructions in which you can work with conditions and code that can repeat itself.

  • Building a Python script: a script is the total of coherent code you have created. You can run this script to create a specific output.

  • Working with Virtual Environments in Python: thanks to virtual environments you prevent conflicts between different Python scripts.

  • Project structure and organizing functions: it is important that you work in an organized manner. We teach you all the tools to achieve that.

  • Working with user inputs: it's always cool if you can make a script variable based on user input. We will develop this further here.

  • Importing and exporting files: we are looking here at a Python application that allows you to import or export data.

  • We end with a case where everything you have learned comes together. You will write a script yourself to extract data from a public API and organize this data neatly. Then you further develop the script so that you can save the data in CSV files and neatly place them in separate folders.

For whom?

This 2-day course is for anyone who has no previous knowledge of Python and wants to learn this language.

What's in it for you?

At the end of the training you have learned how to create well-organized Python scripts. You can create interactive scripts based on user input. You have learned how to automate actions, such as automatically placing files in folders or automatically generating a document with the latest stock quotes.

In short; you not only learn theory, but you can also make the first beautiful things afterwards!

Data and locations (classroom courses)

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The registration fee is € 1,075 per person (excluding 21% VAT). The registration fee includes course material, lunch and coffee/tea.

If you want to use the STAP budget, it is good to know that the STAP budget includes VAT. The price of this training including VAT is € 1,300.75. This means that after deduction of the STAP subsidy of € 1,000, a personal contribution of € 300.75 remains.

Classes take place from 09:30 to 16:30. After registration you will receive an email about a week in advance with the exact details about the location, directions, etc.

3 guarantees at the Python Academy

You can expect something extra from 'the specialist'. That is why we give 3 guarantees that no other training institute dares to give: Read more about our unique guarantees